Professional Hitting Consultant

  • Professional hitters need a professional, knowledgeable, wise and dedicated staff to help them navigate the grueling process of professional baseball.
  • Implementation of a personal process to hit to your potential at the highest level.
  • Deep understanding of analytics as tools to support the development of the hitter.
  • Use of the analytics to build personal training and development plans that work for you.
  • Video analysis before, during, and after training sessions for consistent delivery of information with you.
  • In season and out of season contact as needed for your development or encouragement.
  • A safe, private, discrete, location with confidentiality that is about you, NOT KARL.

If you have question email Karl Now apply and ask. Scroll down for frequently asked questions.

FAQ About Professional Hitting Consultant

Damage Hitter Studios MAP
10107 W. 105th St
Overland Park, KS 66212

Picture from inside the front door without the right cage hanging. Typically we have 2 cages hanging. Large logo in the back right is 1 of our 5 monitors for instant video play back.

Yes of course. Our facility is 3-5 minutes from great hotels and restaurants. Our staff is also accommodating to the needs of our members. I also have satellite camps we can build your training sessions around to cut down on the time and expense of travel.

That is a loaded question. Before we can help you we have to know you the man and you the hitter. It will be up to you to bring us all the information about you, your swing, and your professional experience so we have the best opportunity to help you.

Once we are comfortable with who you are we will provide you a personal plan for development that includes but is not limited to swing development from a kinetic and analytic standpoint for optimum performance. Dialing in your mental approach based on who you are and who you need to be as a hitter. And beginning the process of developing your emotional strength that will support you as a Damage Hitter.


We are open and create a program for you Monday-Friday from 9am-2:00pm. Individually or hitters may hitting groups will need 90 minutes to 2.5 hours depending on the day. You are welcome to come every open day. The majority of Karl’s time will be used before and after sessions breaking down film and analytics, preparing drill progressions and baseball scenarios to implement into your training and development program to ensure the results required.

We can adjust to weekend opportunities with proper notice. These opportunities are structured around already schedule events.

Spring Training & In Season
In season is the time to really maintain your focus and dedication. As you know the season is a grueling ordeal and its easy to get off track. Either each coach is telling you something new to fix or no one is telling you anything. Either way, we will be the help to navigate the process will be your light with you in the dark tunnel.

Still reviewing video and helping make put all the pieces of your puzzle together. There to speak when you need. Probably ready to listen more than speak.

Upon your arrival home, after you’ve rested up and caught up with friends and family we will meet and recap the season. Organizing what went well, how things happened and how we need to attack the next season.


Off Season  – November – the time you leave for Spring training.

New Year Starters  – January of this season to August of the off -season.

In Season – In season programs are for the reinforcement of our off season physical work and to help consistently support your approach.

Karl Traveling Out of Town Yearly – Yes, I’ll travel to you under extremely well planned circumstances. Accepting applicants from Oklahoma this season. I already have set dates I will be there near Tulsa.

3, 5, and 7 Day Visits Members– (You come from Out of town)
Yes, agents or parents may contact Karl to set this up for their player.

Out of Town Off-Season 
Contact Karl by emailed application to see how you can make it work.

Cost is a concern for most and we truly understand the demands of most in the minor league player lifestyle. However, our membership structure is based on your needs. So please click trough to the application page and get us the information needed to start putting your program together so we can get you the cost as soon as possible. CLICK HERE TO START NOW!