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Private & Small Group Training


Line drives, rockets, missiles, and bombs await you at Damage Hitter. Our training is strictly about your individual personal development in every area of life. The combination of our mental plan, physical drills, and the emotional exercises are both challenging and fun. You will thrive on this challenging and fun atmosphere as you work to develop your baseball/softball skills at the plate and your work carries over into real life.


Mental Plan The Cornerstones of the Damage Hitter is the foundation of our training. The cornerstones provide a mental standard of expectation that can be accomplished with the correct focus by every hitter.


Physical Drills Damage Hitter’s documented drills and progressions give players a physical understanding of 6 different portions of the swing and where their swing is currently within these sections. Each player takes a drill progression plan home with them between session of training for daily swing work that also supports their understanding of work ethic.


Emotional Exercises From learning the mental plan to working the drill sequences and progressions players will encounter failures in lack of understanding and/or focus. Emotional exercises challenge players to The Cornerstones of hitting and apply them under any and every hitting circumstance.