Private & Small Group

  • Warm up with myofascial release, dynamic warm up, jump rope, and or swings
  • Loosen up dry swings and tee work
  • Use quick stick to get the body moving fast
  • Conversation to on the same level as the player
  • Learn what the player is doing and how they plan to attack the day
  • Use 1-3 drills to help the player feel the swing specific to their specific needs
  • Focus the player on the aspects of the swing needed to accomplish the goal
  • Challenge the player to compete
  • Train the player to always be competing (with themselves)
  • Push the player into and past their mental limit
  • Recap the session with clarity
  • Provide the hitter with drill progression homework and expectation

Baseball & Softball Lil League, High School, College, and Pro.

Easy E.

Damage Hitter has me competing against older, larger and more physical players with confidence.

Issac W.

Damage Hitter helped me utilize the quickness of my swing to play more under control and explosive.

Isaiah F.

Damage Hitter took me from a hard swinger to a high velocity hitter with power.

D'Andre H.

Damage Hitter was awesome as a hitting coach, but the value he gave me for life is PRICELESS.

Hitting Assessments & Plan

Damage Hitter System is built to intentionally develop the entire hitter physically, mentally, and emotionally. During the Hitting Assessment event you attend your physical skills will be assessed by Damage Hitter staff with the best baseball technology available to ensure your physical strength and weakness are covered. From the Hitting assessment and working with you Damage Hitter staff develops your training program.  The Plan we give you is an individualized developmental training plan that combines your mental, emotional and physical development. 

Join us at Damage Hitter Studios for your own Damage Hitter Assessment & Plan  

Seminars, Camps, Clinics & Appearances

With a mind and a career that has developed numerous programs for parents, coaches, players and instructors alike, Karl Carswell and his delivery is making a great impact around the country. Although he likes to plan and develop events he is open to opportunities to expand his horizons outside his busy schedule. Currently developing The Baseball & Life Skills Development Seminar for Parents and Children, Karl is excited for all opportunities near and far.  

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