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Private & Small Group Training




Damage Hitter provides training in the 4 seasonal sessions listed below. Each seasonal session has a designated start and end week spanning 8-16 weeks depending on the season. Players must register before the session by clicking on the season you’d like to participate.

Registration Process: For currently enrolled Damage Hitters Registration begins 6 weeks before a session starts through email registration options. New student enrollment begins 4 weeks before the season through clicking the link to a box below for the session you would like to start. If it is not clickable registration in not open.

Holidays: The schedule will include Holiday weeks Off from training.
Halloween CLOSED: Monday-Friday October 26-30
Thanksgiving CLOSED: Monday-Friday November 23-27
Christmas/New Year CLOSED: The Monday before Christmas through the 1st Sunday of the New Year December 21- January 3
President’s Day CLOSED: Thursday before Presidents Day through the Tuesday after
Spring Break: The week of Blue Valley Spring break
4th of July: June 28 – July 4

Membership Limits: 40 player

Discounts: Yes, we have an opportunity for a substantial discount. Save $350 a year! That’s a 12% discount. Purchase the Damage Hitter Yearly Pass. This option is available when you click to view open registration below.

Cancelations & Rescheduling: We have a no cancelation policy. Obviously, things happen. Participants in the Damage Hitters training receive a list of hitters names, dates, and times to contact in the event you cannot attend your appointment. This allows you several options to reschedule without cancelation. It’s your responsibility confirm the change with a 3 way text between yourself, the person you have switched with and your instructor.

Instructors: Karl Carswell is the developer of Damage Hitter System and an instructor in the Private & Small Group Training. Justin Greiner has been instrumental in the development of the system and has spent several years working with Damage Hitter helping to develop and implement the Damage Hitter System. Your registration will be specific to one of these instructors. Once an instructor reaches his full capacity of players you are placed on the wait list by training with another instructor until space is freed up for the instructor of choice.

PHYSICAL Damage Hitter provides a simple and easily understandable personal feel for your swing. This understanding is then supported with your own drill progression. The drill progression enhances the hitters feel and helps eliminate the players swing flaws while improving their overall ability to rely on their swing. You’ve heard it a billion times. “Trust your swing.” Damage Hitters do. WHAAKHAA!!!

MENTAL The Cornerstones of the Damage Hitter is the foundation of our training. The cornerstones provide a mental standard of expectation that can be accomplished with the correct focus by every hitter.


EMOTIONAL From learning a mental plan to working your personal drill progression players will encounter failures in lack of feel, understanding, performance, and/or focus. Used properly this is an excellent exercise in emotional awareness, communication, ownership, responsibility, and maturity. Coached and parented properly and the sky is the limit for coach, parent, and mostly PLAYER.