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As a professional hitting coach, a professional scout, a mentor, an advocate to thousands of families earning college baseball, softball, and educational scholarships. I believe that hitting is the single hardest athletic skill in the world. I cannot think of a better training tool to prepare young people to become great adults, equally as important, great adults can learn to train great young people in all aspects of life through hitting. Damage Hitter is our complete training guide for what we call the 3 pillars of our society.

Training to hit is the best life skills management training


“Karl and the Damage Hitter hitting system is proven to gets the most out of every hitter. He has the ability to communicate with different types of players and personalities for results. His teachings and training help players from every level of baseball. His knowledge of the swing, attention to detail in hitting and simplicity is unbelievable. His ability to connect this with every aspect of life is magical.” ~ Logan Moon


Damage Hitter Private Training

Train at Damage Hitter Studios with Karl Carswell One-on-One.


Damage Hitter Online Training

Join Damage Hitter Memberships and learn Damage Hitter techniques for mental, physical, and emotional approach.


Damage Hitter Camps

Attend Damage Hitter Camps where players age 10-21 can gain access to all Damage Hitter training for hitting, strength, mobility and stability.


“I have known Karl Carswell for several years. He has several successful years of experience and is a respected hitting instructor. He is highly respected amonth MLB Scouts. He teaches sound fundamentals while incorporating a quality hitting approach. Among his many clients are Major League, NCAA DI, high school, and youth league players. I strongly recommend Karl to reach their potential as a hitter” – TERRY WETZAL – Special Assistant to the President of Baseball Operations & General Manager, Washington Nationals


IMPROVE your bat speed and power. Train everyday with Damage Hitter Online.

Why Damage Hitter Training? Why Damage Hitter Online Membership Training?


Girl or boy, short or tall, thick or small, those that work the hardest hit the best.


Karl Kuhn – Pitching Coach and Recruiting Cordinator – Univeristy of Virginia

“I have known Karl for over 20 years. There is not a better baseball man in the mid-west that I would rather get a player from or have my kid play for. He is honest, fair and teaches the game the right way. The players that I have had from the Barnstormers”


Greg Bachkora – Softball Coach – UMKC

“I have known Karl since I was in high school and his reputation for the development of baseball/softball players is unmatched by most I have come across in my coaching career. The comprehensive mental, physical, and emotion plan that he’s developed and uses is critical for the overall development for softball players at every level. I believe his plan creates players who will be primed to succeed at the highest levels. ”


Mike Carroll

“I can’t say enough positive things about our experience with the program. Not only is Karl a fine coach and teacher, he is a great builder of character in young men. The boys have a great time as well. My son simply would not have had the same opportunity to play college baseball without Karl Carswell. I highly recommend the program to anyone.”


Improve your direction and bat speed train with Karl and Damage Hitter.


Professional experience with these organization:

Meet Coach Karl

Coach Karl currently trains and develops players from every level of baseball and softball from little league to MLB professionals.

Hitting a baseball or softball is the most difficult task accomplish in all athletics. The Damage Hitter program uses the lessons of swinging, hitting, and playing to emphasize life lessons.

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