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Virtual Training With Video Assessments

No matter if your hitting in the garage, the basement, and/or at hitting facility. You will improve from a Professional Hitting Coach!

A Professional Hitting Plan and personal drill progressions will help you!



This virtual training program is structured around your ability to get Karl the simple video he requires to evaluate your swing. Karl will immediately send you the cornerstones of hitting and begin your evaluation.

Upon receiving your evaluation you will receive access to Damage Hitter Training Drills Membership and your own personal hitting plan for everyday work. Everyone receives a plan specific to his or her needs, therefore some hitters will get a 7-day plan and some a 30-day plan or somewhere in between. This is one of Karl’s favorite programs because hitters and their parents who are accepted through our application process are 100% committed to the journey of reach their potential and they make great improvements.

  • 90-120 days of virtual training with Karl Carswell
  • Swing Evaluation for before you begin the program based on the video you send
  • Cornerstones of the Damage Hitter
  • Access Training Drills Membership
  • Personal Hitting Plan Built By Karl Carswell
  • Swing Evaluations after every completed Hitting Plan
  • Regular access to Karl Carswell by text, call, or email
  • Access to Damage Hitter members-only Facebook

Damage Hitter Professional Online Hitters Training

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