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Trust The Process

People in baseball development their is no process. Below is the definition of process.trusttheprocess

/’prä,ses,’prō, ses/


  1. a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end.

The part you should pay particular attention to is when it says “to achieve a particular end”. When someone sells you on or with the “Trust the process” catch phrase what they are telling you is; if you do what I say or suggest you will reach your goal. The question is what’s your goal?

  • Be a professional baseball player
  • Be a college baseball player
  • Be a varsity baseball player
  • Throw 90mph
  • Hit 10 home runs
  • Run a 6.6 sixty yard dash

Whatever your goal might be within the game of baseball there is no magic formula, secret sauces, or patented process to get there. And you damn sure can’t get there because the person you are relying on got there or trained the guys before you to get there.

The phrase trust the process is not the problem. The problem is those using the phrase and those hearing the phrase are not communicating on the same page.The speaker is saying get involved and use our resources and you’ll be fine. The listener hears, get involved with the program and the steps involved and we will be the next DI player. And that dance continues until the listener realizes they are not DI, or is.

What trust the process is suppose allow people to do is find a system that fits their needs to reach their potential. The fact that people are determining the potential of our youth at 9, 10, 11, 12 and so on years of age is absurd. Some random guy, or expert, or con-artist, or parent, or lil league coach, or professional baseball scout, or college coach is who we are placing our trust in to develop our child is the PROBLEM.

The solution is simple. You and I are to make a plan of attack for our child. I start this plan at the end. Ultimately, what do I want my son to become. I then work backwards to where we are today and what are his strengths I need to encourage and his weaknesses I need to help him eliminate. What I’ve found over 20 years of training, coaching, and scouting is a persons sports related inefficiencies many times are only a symptom of their mental, emotional, and spiritual issues. And we fail them by addressing the sports symptom and not the the true issue. As parents the issues are our job.