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Karl Carswell breaks baseball, down for players and parents like no one else. His focus on developing a learning relationship with the player and assigning them ownership in the journey with his cornerstones of the hitting, hitting journal, and demand for high quality practice brings players and parents expectations to the same level. That level is we will preform at the level we’ve prepared to preform, no better and no worse. At the same time he’s able to correlate what he’s training the players to their own personal real life applications.

Karl regularly tells players:

“your growth in the area of taking the information I’ve provided you and apply it when doing well, average, and poorly is a direct reflection of your maturity. I know your parents use the word maturity all the time and you’re tired of hearing it, but this exercise right here lets you know you have some room to grow in this area and the fact your frustrated is further proof. Now, let’s go and keep getting better at hitting and maturity.”

Training with Karl Carswell and Damage Hitter can happen for players anywhere in the world. Players local to Kansas City can find private and small group training at Damage Hitter Studios at 10107 W. 105th Street.

Players, parents, and coaches around the world can train with Damage Hitter through online training, online courses for players and parents, and on line membership.

Private & Small Group Training

In the cage one-on-one or in small groups Karl Carswell’s ability to see a swing, listen to a hitter, hear observations of a hitter and help them formulate a personal plan reaching their potential based on his corner stones of hitting. His ability to do this is superseded by the simplicity in which he instructs players of all ages, parents, and coaches. HIs knowledge and the depth at which he can discuss the topic is never used to create a gap between the hitter and himself. Although he takes his job seriously Karl has a great job and looks for opportunities for the hitter to have fun while learning and getting the most out of their ability. No matter your experience, skill, or talent Karl finds a way to train you physically, mentally, and emotionally because the foundation of his teaching is his cornerstones of hitting.

You live in or around Kansas City or will be traveling to town and have a baseball player from 8 years old to MLB and would like to train with Karl Carswell for private and small group training click the button below to see availability, pay, and schedule. **you are responsible to create your own full group of 4-6 hitters. If you do not have a group you your option is private training.

Private & Group Training

Virtual Training

Damage Hitter’s Virtual Training is your direct access to Karl Carswell as your Personal Hitting Coach for 90-120 days. Every hitter in Karl’s virtual training program knows, hits, and lives by The Damage Hitter Cornerstones of Hitting. This virtual training program is structured around your ability to get Karl the simple video he requires to evaluate your swing. Karl will immediately send you the cornerstones of hitting and begin your evaluation. Upon receiving your evaluation you will receive access to Damage Hitter Training Drills Membership and your own personal hitting plan for everyday work. Everyone receives a plan specific to their needs, therefore some hitters will get a 7 day plan and some a 30 day plan or somewhere in between.This is one of Karl’s favorite programs because hitters and their parents who are accepted through our application process are 100% committed to the journey of reach their potential and they make great improvements.

  • 90-120 days of virtual training with Karl Carswell
  • Swing Evaluation for before you begin the program based on video you send
  • Cornerstones of the Damage Hitter
  • Access Training Drills Membership
  • Personal Hitting Plan Built By Karl Carswell
  • Swing Evaluations after every completed Hitting Plan
  • Regular access to Karl Carswell by text, call, or email
  • Access to Damage Hitter members only Facebook

Apply for Virtual Training

Online Membership

You’ve been online and seen Karl Carswell and the Damage Hitter social media content and philosophy and you want to dive deeper into what there is to offer. Your a player who likes building his or her own swing, but you need more information and direction. Your a parent or coach of a youth league or high school player who understands you need more information to help your player reach their potential. You are a college coach how nees to create a culture among your team that allows the group the freedom to mature at their own level, but holds everyone accountable to the same earnest principles that gives the team the best opportunity to succeed while you develop better character young men and women.

Damage Hitter Online Membership ship covers everything from from stance, to timing, to tracking pitches. Yes, we covers launch angles and the ability to create good angles without compromising your ability to make your most consistent contact.

We start at the Cornerstones of hitting and we get all the way being prepared to hit at the highest level by reaching your potential.

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