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Tee Training Tool or Parenting Tool

I have used Tanner Tees everyday since 1996

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In 1996 Mr. Joe Tanner did not make my favorite tee and what I believe to be a basic and fundamental building block of learning to hit to your potential. Both young and older hitters using Tanner Tees Low Tee will gain greater mobility in the foot, ankle, knee, buttock, spine, shoulders, and neck. As well as, develop a more explosive “ground attack”. This ground attack turns hitters from wet newspaper swinging, pancake flippers to Damage Hitters who hit rockets, missiles, and bombs.

Besides the bat and the ball, the tee is the most used tool or training aid used in baseball. Every MLB team has tees and the majority of MLB players use the tee every single day of the season. The tee is a great way to train yourself or help train others to understand AND feel their swing. The first reason we feel the tee is so vital to a hitter is because it can be used without the help of anyone else. Besides the technical training and development aspects of tee work, a tee and a hitting station at home is an opportunity for a young player to display their passion for hitting. While at the same time it gives parents the ability to gauge that passion.

For those of you who are new to Damage Hitter it may come as a shock to hear, but we believe that baseball and in particular, hitting is a much more powerful game when parents use the game in conjunction with their parenting skills as a tool to develop better human beings. Most every parent of a baseball player sees the tee as something their player has to do in the garage, basement, or yard in order to keep up with or beat the other kids in the league and on the team. But we believe the tee and your home hitting station is much more of an exercise in time management, discipline, and a great way for a young person to prove to themselves that consistent hard work pays off. The tee and hitting station can also be a place that teaches us the hard lesson if we don’t put forth the proper amount of effort we will have a difficult time being successful. We believe learning the hard lesson is more important at an earlier age than learning to be successful. Many people besides us believe this, but when it comes to our kids rarely will we stand by and let them learn the lesson because we take it personal.

If a young person is learning to love baseball and can draw the correlation between their lack of practice and their inability to preform at the plate the way they would like. This only strengthens a parents ability to help draw the correlation between a poor effort on homework and a poor performance on a test. A poor effort at the dinner table and a lack of opportunity for dessert. A poor effort with their manners and the not so pleasant way a teacher treats them. We believe you can create a building block of accountability around tee work. Meaning we begin to think first about what we could have done better to improve a situation and admit it, even if we realize we were not treated great.

No, not tee work alone. Tee work, homework, practice, music lessons, siblings activities, other sports, dinner, xbox, and  the family dynamic. We are certain you could think of some more things to add in to our busy schedules. The one thing we all know is that when a person enjoys something they will find a way to do it no matter what else may suffer. As parents we are quick to forget this and we just jab, jab, jab…”Did you hit, I know you didn’t hit, everybody can tell you didn’t hit, you must want to look bad in the games. Thus begins the power struggle. Our failure to lead and communicate.

Over the years we have heard one comment numerous times about our education system. “They don’t teach kids how to study anymore.” Many say our kids aren’t prepared to learn more because of it. To that we say, our kids don’t know how to manage their time, and that’s not a teaches fault. This is not the fault of the educational system and neither is the fact our kids don’t know how to study.

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Your player needs your help in support. You do enough. You take them to practice, lessons, school, out to eat, you work, and you are tired. They need us to sit down with them and say, “I know I have high expectations for you. I know you have high expectations for yourself and there are somethings in this world you cannot do on your own. Time management is one of those things. So we are going to put together a daily and weekly schedule based off your classes/homework, baseball, workouts, family activities, and your miscellaneous fun so you can accomplish all the things you want without anything getting left out. A schedule and a plan will make it simple for us not to forget and easier when we are overwhelmed to say we can miss today because we’ve been consistent and knocked it out 23 days in a row.”

The tee is a magical teaching aid. #WTDED