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Online Training

I am personally going to watch, evaluate, critic and analyze your swing. Then I’ll build and monitor your personal swing progression program.

Here is how it works:

  • Lifetime Access Damage Hitter Growing Online Library of Training and Drills (over 70 drills) with an explanation on how and why to use them.
  • Daily Hitting Work, Everyday
  • Damage Hitter Private Facebook Access
  • Weekly, Bi-weekly, or Monthly Drill Progressions planned written by Karl Carswell
  • Weekly video critique/analysis
  • Personal Access Karl Carswell text or call as needed
  • Invite to small private hitting sessions at Damage Hitter Studios

Fill out this application for the opportunity to have your own personal online professional hitting coach.

Online Training Courses

60 days to know, using, and developing the basic and advanced fundamentals of reaching your potential as a hitter. No matter if you’re a parent who wants to get their child the best information you can, a coach who wants his team using the same philosophy, or a player who is ready to take your ability to the highest lever. Damage Hitter 60 Day Online Training Course is what you need.

What we’ve learned over my last 20 years of training and developing hitters and what we know is the basic fundamentals are rarely taught to the majority of hitters in the world. Most are learning bits and pieces of the hardest thing to do in sport and calling yourself a hitter. Also, rather than learn ALL the basic and advanced fundamentals of the game many use the most popular catchphrases in an effort to create a knowledge gap between themselves and you. The most important thing is i personally can help 9.5 out of 10 hitter’s improve instantly. But, this does not instantly make them a great hitter.

Great hitters are developed with great information and tireless hard work. I provide the information and you provide the work. Damage Hitter provides the information and you provide the work.

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