Golf Development Membership - Damage Hitter

Damage Hitter Golf Simulator Membership

Projected Ready Date January 2, 2022

Golf Simulator Specs

Initial Components

  • Foresight GC Hawk
  • FSX 2020 Software (2022 if available, was told it will be updates)
  • 12 wide x 9 high x 5 deep ft bay (standard size)
  • 4 x 9 Premium Hitting Mat
  • High Speed Gaming Computer
  • 27″ Monitor, wireless keyboard, and mouse
  • 60 inch face on monitor
  • HMT Club Data

Tech Golfer Development Tools

  • K-Motion K-Vest – Biomechanics measure tool used to train or pattern movement
  • JC Video 2 camera system – Face on and down the line video run through high speed gaming computer


This pic will be updated as the project under way.

DH Golf Club Membership

As you have already read this is the best golf simulator available. A unique opportunity to use the best golf technology has to offer and develop our best individual swing closing the gap and passing the competition. As a guy who did not start playing golf until I was an adult and as a hitting coach I’ve realized 2 things.

1. I cannot play nearly enough rounds to get my swing to the place where I can compete well enough to play the type golf I’d like to play.
2. If I can find a way to make a consistent effort I can squeeze 5 years of improvement into 1 year.

My personal plan is very simple. I will eat better, gain more mobility, and get regular swings with instant feedback. I’m inviting you to join me at with the effort level you feel comfortable with because I know you are a serious golf lover. This yearly membership will allow you to use all that golf technology has to offer or just play golf on the simulator course.

The other reason you’ve been invite is because I know you personally. This is not an open membership to the public and it won’t ever be. As you know I run my Damage Hitter program in this facility and I will not bring an unknown outside influence into this environment. If you know someone who you know will have interest and you will vouch for them, please introduce me. That said I do not see this being greater than 15 players total.

What do I get?

24/7 Access

  • Foresight Golf Simulator
  • JC Video System
  • Use K-Motion K-Vest
  • Off-Season bag storage at your request
  • Consulting on movement and mobility training
  • Ability to book 4 man games on at designated times
  • Yes, you can have beverages

Memberships Levels

  • 6 months October – March (Jan-April  2021  and Nov  and Dec 2022)
  • 12 months  January-December 2022
    Membership provides you:
  • inclusion into the private Facebook group
  • Code access to the back entry
  • Code access to the storage area for changing and/or bag storage
  • Personal account in the Foresight Golf Simulator software
  • Personal account in JC Video Software
  • Personal account in the K-Motion K-Vest Software

Text Karl about membership at (816) 896-4487.