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Without a doubt in my professional career the most impactful training aide has been the batting tee. To be more specific Tanner Tees Pro Low Tee and Tanner Tees Heavy Low Tee. These tees and the proper mindset incorporate full kinetic development on every swing.


The importance of this is the ability to build the swing from the hips, OUT! Many of use like to preach the swing is built from the ground up, as this is easy to understand. But the reality is the swing is built from the core out (up and down, from body through swing. I use Tanner Tee Low Tee Pro and heavy nearly exclusively in my facilities and with my hitters.


“If I was told I could only have 1 tool to train hitters I would pick the Tanner Low Tee Pro or Heavy before a bat and/or ball.” ~ Karl Carswell, Professional Hitting Consultant, Founder Damage Hitter

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