Terry Wetzal

I have known Karl Carswell for several years. He has several successful years of experience and is a respected hitting instructor. He is highly respected among MLB Scouts. He teaches sound fundamentals while incorporating a quality hitting approach. Among his many clients are Major League, Minor League, NCAA DI, high school, and youth league players. I strongly recommend Karl to reach their potential as a hitter

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Dallas Black

"Coach Carswell and his staff do an outstanding job developing young players and approaching the game with a tremendous amount of passion. I always enjoy watching their work due to the fact they understand how to play the game and will be tremendous citizens off the field as well."

Brent Kemnitz

"…It is run in a manner that put the potential prospect first. Many players have and will gain exposure and opportunities because of this outstanding program.”

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Don and Sally Chew

“Can’t thank you enough for the coaching and guidance you have provided for Davey these last couple of years. He is tearing it up this year!!! He went 2 for 3 against Lawrence Free State with a grand slam to get them back in the game. Davey has never looked so great and we think he is hitting slightly over .500 just half way through the season. With lots of doubles, 4 triples, and 2 home runs. It seems the tougher the competition the better he is doing.

Kyle Crookes

The product continues to improve every year and the experience the players get is second to none. He continues to teach and instruct the right way with high energy. His players’ success at the next level proves that his method of instruction is highly effective.”

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MIke Holmes

“There are many instructors who teach only one style, one way to do things… You guys are great at teaching players to adapt and build on their strengths while minimizing their weaknesses.”

Brad Hill

I recruited Karl as a player. Just like I enjoyed watching him play, I enjoy watching him coach and the style of play he demands from his players.

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Doug Banker

“As a concerned parent, I was extremely pleased and satisfied with my son’s athletic and mental development… Karl always worked to make Tyler a better player, even to the point of sitting him on the bench for several games in a major tournament when he felt that Tyler’s attitude was not what he expected from one of his players.”

Tony Vitello

“Karl Carswell’s program is one we have followed closely for years… Above all its evident that the players consistently have a feel for how to play the game the right way.”

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Fred Nachbar

“I’ve been taking my son Jeff to Barnstormers for 5 years. What impresses me most about Karl Carswell is his ability…to get his players to apply his teachings in lessons throughout the entire year.”

Jim Towman

“Having been a Jr. College all-American and Atlantic Coast Conference player at North Carolina State. Karl Carswell knows what it takes to play at the next level.”

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Phil Huttmann

“This program offers young athletes the necessary information to be the best college and professional baseball players. As a professional baseball scout I recognize that while many of the players are not ready for professional baseball, they train and develop them to prepare for that level. That is not often seen in the baseball school/academy business and as scouts we love it.… Their style of teaching hitters is the best I have seen in the amateur game and equal to what we see in pro ball. They believe in training DAMAGE HITTERS.”

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Dirk Kinney

“Since meeting Karl 15 years ago I have witnessed kids make great strides in the game of baseball and life. Karl has been an inspiration for all kids from day one of Barnstormers Baseball, with his amateur and professional baseball experiences he has given excellent advice in terms of mental and physical guidance, while providing the motivation for kids to achieve outstanding results. Karl is more than just a baseball coach and provides life learning tools for beyond the game.”

Donnie Marbut

Donnie Marbut here at Washington State University. I just wanted to say THANK YOU for spending the time to get back to me. There are so many coaches nowadays that have this idea that it is all about them and not about there players. The conversation that we had confirmed that you are all about your players.
Another piece that stuck out in my mind was your honesty about your players. Your best guy in this years class that is going to Northern Colorado that is great. Most coaches try to sell their players to the highest level possible even though they cant play at that level. I can really tell you understand the process, and that makes it easier on me recruiting a player that is not in my area.
Anyways feel free to contact me anytime I would love to build a relationship with you and your organization. I would love info on your guys that can make an immediate impact in the Pac-10.

Stephen Moritz

“As a former player and coach for Karl I learned how to play the game hard with passion and desire. As a young coach with Karl I learned valuable lessons. The knowledge he instilled in me is knowledge I use everyday. I wouldn’t be where I am today without him.”

Greg Evans

“Good players that are extremely well coached.” ~ DI Baseball and Softball Coach 2014

Gunnar Toutwine

Having played for Karl was definitely an experience in my baseball career that I will always remember. Those times were when the game was simple and easy. Karl always brought energy and intensity to the ballpark no matter the circumstances. With that being said, Karl’s program definitely elevated my mental approach to the game of baseball. Through his help mentally, I felt capable of accomplishing any task in the game of baseball. Karl’s ability to work with this generation of young athletes amazes me on how he’s able to elevate there minds which elevates their swing in the box. Being able to work Karl’s was truly a blessing because I do not think I would be where I am today without his help.