What Makes The Damage Hitter Program Special?

The Damage Hitter program  is a dynamic hitting program that combines baseball/softball mental, physical, and mental training and preparation with life long success skills for players and parents. Damage Hitter is delivered by Karl Carswell and his over 20 years of experience as a professional baseball scout, talent evaluator, coach, and academy owner. Karl has helped over 1000 families reach their goal as college student/athlete and has a vast network of baseball scouts, college baseball/softball coaches, showcase and academy owners, and high school coaches and he regularly shares his coach information.

Damage Hitter Approach?

The best defense in a GREAT OFFENSE. Karl and Damage Hitter provide and aggressive offensive approach to swing the bat that develops hitters and their mindset in 3 areas. MENTAL. PHYSICAL. EMOTIONAL. In Karl’s words the Damage Hitter program is; “not only the sword, but the breast plate, the helmet, and the shield.” No matter weather you learn from Karl in person, Damage Hitter Membership, and/or Damage Hitter Camps you are learning the most advanced baseball/softball swing in combination with the mental and emotional aspects of hitting that allow players to handle and excel in the heat of the moments that make up the hardest task in all of sports.

What is Damage Hitter Membership?

Damage Hitter Membership is an ever growing series of online training videos section into online courses and sections. Karl has broken each section of the baseball/softball swing into short and concise informational videos for players, parents, and coaches to learn more about the swing for consistent home and practice improvements.  The membership is organized in the following outline.

The Swing and Hitting  – $299/year

  1. The Swing from stance to finish broken down by body parts or body section for specific movement patterns, and/or and positioning.
  2. How to apply the swing to plate coverage
  3. How to apply the swing to contact areas and increase the contact area
  4. Plan and approach at the plate
  5. How to create and maintain timing
  6. Mental and Emotional development from hitting applied to life

Hitting Drill Series – $299/year
50 Drills and counting for specific swing development

  1. Movement Patterning & Sequencing
  2. Feel for the Barrel
  3. Rhythm
  4. Direction
  5. Launch
  6. Body Sync

Strength Training – $199/year

  1. Lower Body
  2. Upper Body
  3. Core
  4. Explosion

Mobility & Stability

  1. Exercise to move better
  2. Exercises to stop and change directions better

Including invitation to the Damage Hitter Private Facebook page.

Damage Hitter Membership is a vast library of of baseball/softball training organized for the player, parent, and coach who will hit the ball harder, BUT will improve bat speed and bat quickness. 

MVP membership $597 Includes everything above!