Private Lessons
$95 for 30 minute lesson when purchased one at a time.
4 lessons  = $300
8 lessons  = $600
12 lessons = $900
16 lessons = $1200

4-6 Group Lessons
$60 per each for 60 minute lesson when purchased one at a time.
4 lessons  = $200 each
8 lessons  = $400 each
12 lessons = $600 each
16 lessons = $800 each

ONLINE TRAINING: 70% OFF 3 Months of TrainingYear Round $175
3 Video Critics & 3 Months of hitting progressions. Along with 1 years access to over 100 videos of the Damage Hitter approach to hitting and life for players, parents as well as coaches.

  • Lesson include assessment of the players general knowledge of themselves, hitting, how the hitter best learns,  and extensive work on how the player moves and feels as an athlete.
  • We establish the goal (s) of the hitter
  • General and ongoing swing video and assessments.
  • Depending on the student, how they learn and how much work is to be done we may share our list of swing improvements needs all at once or just work through the list one at a time.
  • Hitters leave every session with homework. Please return prepared with homework completed so we may begin work where we left off in our last lesson.