The PowerUp Wedge allows coaches to talk less and puts hitters in the best posture possible to use the backside to power through throwing and hitting. No matter what the skill; Hitting, Pitching, Throwing, Fielding, and regardless of the player age or skill level The Power Up Wedge engages and trains your player / team with instant feel from the ground up by placing him or her in an Athletic , Bio-mechanically Advanced and “EXPLOSIVE” Position! Use coupon code: dhit for 15% off.

Tee Work is by far the best physical tool available way to train and develop a good swing. What is a good swing? A good swing is your best swing that produces consistent good results.  Tee Work allows you to create a positive reaction under numerous circumstances so you can repeat your best swing regularly.

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In addition to traditional Tee Work  Backspin Tee has developed what I believe is an entirely new perspective to tee work. This perspective gives hitters a view of the ball from the back of the ball to the bottom and allows hitters to train their eyes and swing from this perspective through the ball.

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