Coach Karl Carswell, Damage Hitter Developer

Baseball, as in life, is all about making adjustments. Karl Carswell a Major League Baseball Scout in the Midwest has developed The Damage Hitter program around that truth. His personal and professional experience from all levels of youth baseball, professional baseball, and  MLB scouting has allowed him the foresight to develop a program based on well rounded life skills approach that not only helps player reach their potential as hitter, but emphasizes them reaching their potential in life.

Damage Hitter does not stop there. The priority of Damage Hitter is to develop the player, the coach, and the parent into a wholistic community based on strong mental health through knowledge, caring, and encouragement. Combining the best baseball hitting techniques, mechanics, body motion, and fitness available today with life skills for all aspects of people involved in the game we love.

Coach Karl Carswell Experience

Coach NBC Tournament                                      Coach WWBC World Champ
Coach Area Code Team Nike                        Coach Founder Get Hits All Star
Coach Area Code Games New Balance       Professional Hitting Coach
Coach Break Through Series USA Baseball     MLB Career Initiative Program
Midwest Scouts Association Amateur Coach of the Year 2004


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